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Welcome, Leader!

You are on a mission to help creating a better world.
You are always looking for ways to improve yourself.

Still, you are only scratching the surface of the impact you could have.

And you are longing to experience inner peace and deep joy in connection with others.

To manifest your life's full potential you need to transform the way you are leading.

It takes courage to lead.

It takes even more courage to lead with an open heart.

To lead yourself and your people with more impact, you must be able to engage more often in tough conversations putting yourself on the line while bringing appreciation and curiosity to those involved.

This means you need to expand your own capacity for mindfulness, compassion, courage, curiosity and trust.


Wholehearted Leadership


What We Achieve

Together we co-create a space in which you get deeper in touch with your authentic self, operate from a heightened level of consciousness, develop your unique style of wholehearted leadership and transform into a more liberated version of yourself.


Who I Work With

My clients are creatives, CEOs, scientists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, managers and coaches. But what’s most important to me is who you want to become and what you want to create in your life.

I love my clients for their dreams, for the contributions they are committed to make, for their courage to show up vulnerable.


How It Works

Real transformation takes time. My clients partner up with me for at least 5 months and up to a year. Most of them speak with me three times a month for 60-90 minutes.


I work with people from around the globe in English or German language.

With most via video chat, but also via phone and in person.


Anywhere in the world. Video or Audio.


Face to Face in Berlin, Germany


Per direct line or dial in to your convenience.


About Me

I believe that free, wholehearted and responsible individuals are automatically destined to create a world that contributes to the well-being of mankind.


My vision for humanity is that everyone is given the opportunity to explore and live their unique version of success in harmony with themselves and the world.


My mission is simple. I want to help leaders like you make a bigger contribution in a way that makes them and those around them experience more of life’s magic and beauty.


Hasnaa Akabli

Executive Coach

Robert is a fantastic coach! His approach is deep and very efficient because it goes to the source of any issue you could have. You can laugh and cry in the same session but maaan you get away with such clarity, wisdom and powerful actions to undertake. I highly recommend his coaching services!

Alexander Leith

Creative Director

It feels like I've made 20 years of progress in just 5 months! my interactions with family, colleagues and clients now feel authentic and stress-free, my business is going in an awesome new direction and I've recaptured the love of life that I remember from my youth.

I was supposed to finish the first draft of my novel; I knew what to write and how to write it, yet I drifted in and out of focus. I had worked with a personal coach before, but I’d never expected to see such creative power pouring out of my fingertips within months of starting to work with Robert.

What Clients Say


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S.E. Sever

Author, Entrepreneur, Leadership Trainer

To understand what my coaching can do for you, it's best to experience a coaching session first hand.
That’s why I invite you to a full-on 90 minutes coaching with me before we consider partnering up.


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